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Received by mail:

From: Adi Bhaduri
Date: 03 December, 2008

I wanted to request you to help us in spreading the message about a petition which we have recently launched.  It is important to get massive participation on this petition to demonstrate to the US Congress and the administration the anger, pain, and desire for action on the issue of terror camps in Pakistan that is being felt by the Indian American community. Please visit the link PETITION

To:  U.S. Congress:

  • 1. The Indian American community expresses its OUTRAGE at last week’s deadly attacks, which have resulted in 180 deaths, including those of 6 Americans. Sadly, India is no stranger to terrorism, having suffered more than nearly any other country. These attacks however represent an entirely NEW level of threat;
  • 2. Given the scale, sophistication and audacity of this operation, there is every indication that this was a sophisticated campaign orchestrated by external groups inimical to the West. All evidence points to the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) being behind this attack, and that would fit entirely with their history of deadly operations. The LeT, operating out of camps in Pakistan, openly advocates global jihad. To this end, we now need to view the LeT and Al Qaeda as increasingly blurring into one entity;
  • 3. We believe that in the interests of broader peace – America needs to demand that Pakistan close down ALL terror camps in its territory or risk losing US funding that has amounted to over $10 Billion in US Tax payer dollars since 9/11;
  • 4. Furthermore, US Congressional funding also should be contingent on Pakistan extraditing Dawood Ibrahim, one of the region’s most deadly underworld criminals. Mr Ibrahim is widely acknowledged to be living under Pakistani state protection in Karachi. He is also believed to have provided logistical support for this particular attack, in addition to being the mastermind of previous attacks. He is designated as a Global Terrorist by the US Treasury Department and Pakistan has resisted all previous requests from India for his extradition. Given the threat he poses, it is imperative that he is brought to justice in a court of law.

Sign on this page the petition by clicking on the link.

USINPAC needs your support to implement a rapid response to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai.  USINPAC’s action plan includes working with several key Members of Congress to develop an effective response from the US, supporting a Congressional Resolution condemning the attacks, supporting US-India counter-terrorism legislation, and organizing a Congressional Briefing on the origins of the terrorist attacks and the best way for the US to proceed.  May I please request you to sign the petition and forward it to as many people you know.

We know we can count on you!

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