Yes, I am my brother’s keeper

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Published on Axis of Logic, by Siv O’Neall, Nov 12, 2008.

The polarized world: Do we need further proof that greed is not the solution for a sound economy? Do we need further proof that capitalism is foundering? Do we need further proof that ignoring the poor is not the way to make the world go round? That selfish accumulation of wealth is not the key to peace of mind and a life worth living? …

… Being your brother’s keeper:

How about reinstating an equitable way of running the ship? When will the leaders of the world see that with the billions of the world’s population who are starving or on the edge of starvation, the lack of equilibrium on the planet is not going to be solved by letting those billions starve to death?

The people who fail to understand that we are all born equals and that the only humane thing to do is to be your brother’s keeper have to do some serious thinking. If your brother is starving it’s not because he is lazy, it’s because he was never given a chance to earn a decent living, or else you, the criminals who rule the planet, took it away from him. Given equal chances to make a decent living to begin with, the human being is instinctively a hard worker. If you ruined his chances to look out for himself, it’s your responsibility to restore his rights to a decent life.

Call it socialism, call it welfare if you like; but I call it repairing the damage caused by colonialism, expansionism and corporatism, and the effects of a game of loaded dice that you invented. You naively believed that you could run the world without the cooperation of the honest people, the workers, the producers, the ones who were not brought up to become rapists and predators. You thought those people could be exploited indefinitely, until they conveniently died from starvation and overwork. In the meantime, you had reaped all the profit possible from their delivering diamonds and gold from the mines in the Congo or in the badly constructed and ill-secured mines in your own country where several deadly accidents have occurred in the past few years alone. Who cares? There are millions of unemployed workers who are waiting to take their dangerous jobs. That’s the way you planned your game of Big Profit.

How unfortunate for you to realize finally that your wealth is not going to go on multiplying endlessly, with just a tolerable number of victims of your greed every year. How unfortunate for you to realize that you have to be your brother’s keeper or else the economy will come to a screeching halt.

Was democracy a dream only?

If it’s unrealistic to think that we might be able to change the minds of the madly accumulating psychopaths, today’s world leaders, or to put them in straitjackets, we can at least hope for a future world where humility, cooperation and concern for the Other will reign, instead of fear.

When will we all have a voice in where the world is going? When will we get some semblance of democracy back?

Can we finally have some degree of basic human rights and decency in the running of the world? Please.
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