China violates the presentation of Taiwaneese Peacewomen

May I put your attention to an intrusion /trespass: the Chineese re-programmers of the website of 1000 peacewomen present Taiwaneese women as women out of Chineese nationality!

My comment: A big nation not able to respect running international agreements is not worth to become an Empire – as IF they reach this state, the whole world will have to pay the bill for their shamefull behavior. Taiwan is an independent state, make war on the peacewomen website for Chineese hegemony is just too much shamefull. Here an exemple how Peacewomen of Taiwan are represented by the Site’s latest programmers, persons coming out of Big China :


Chiu Hsiang Huang

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Huang is the most outstanding representative of women workers in the Taiwan autonomous trade union since the lifting of martial law in 1987.

Huang Chiu Hsiang was born in a tea farmers’ family in the deep mountains of Hsin Chu County. Since 1987, she has been a key trade union leader and is a founding member of the Workers Party and the Labor Party. She has excellent communication and networking skills. She is committed to fighting gender discrimination, sexual harassment and violations of women workers’ rights in factories and within trade unions, and opposing legal amendments to reduce protection of women workers.

Eastern Asia | China, Taiwan

Go to the peacewomen-search by country, click on country and then on China, Taiwan, and you will find all Taiwaneese peacewomen integrated into Big China.

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