GBS sustains Prof. Muhammad Sven Kalisch

(GBS  Giordano Bruno Stiftung / Foundation Giordano Bruno)

Linked with the german version of the same statement: GBS unterstützt Prof. Muhammad Sven KALISCH.

Statement of solidarity with the university research and teaching position of Professor Dr. Muhammad Sven Kalisch:

On September 5th, the first Friday of the holy month Ramadan, the Coordination Council of Muslims in Germany has withdrawn their delegates from the CRS board of advisors in protest at Professor Kalisch, referring to the “grave discrepancy between fundamentals of Islamic teaching and the published positions of the head of the CRS.”

Muhammad Kalisch is the first professor holding the chair of “Islamic Religion” at the Center for Religious Studies (CRS) at Münster University, Germany. The Muslim theologian, philosopher and fully qualified lawyer with perfect knowledge especially of the Arabic, Persian and Turkish language is an outstanding scholar who trains Islamic teachers for Islamic Religious Education at schools. His university teaching position obliges him to instill scientific working methods in the future teachers.

This comprises:

  • the capacity of realizing different conceptions of religion on various levels – from one’s own image of God and idea of man to current issues;
  • critically inspecting and perhaps changing them when examining alternative points of view and obtaining deeper knowledge;
  • evaluating theological conditions and consequences of one’s own action;
  • assessing theological and religious conceptions in their meaning and impact on socio-political thinking;
  • analyzing theological-philosophical arguments and positions – especially with regard to values implicit in their genesis, practical religious consequences and their corresponding aims;
  • reflecting authoritarian argumentations critically and reacting appropriately.

Through these objectives Professor Kalisch provides the functional, didactical and methodical conditions for the future teaching of Islamic Religious Studies at public schools. This inextricably involves the discussion of challenging theses or disputed questions. Professor Kalisch is requested by the university to train his students in independent thinking rather than in blind religious obedience.

With their repudiation of an academic approach in the training of teachers for Islamic Religious Studies, the Coordination Council of Muslims in Germany lets pass a historical chance of shaping the future of Islam and the society in Germany – a prospect that Professor Kalisch stands for.

We show our solidarity with the university research and teaching position of Professor Dr. Muhammad Sven Kalisch: online signature form.

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