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Date: 03/11/2008

Want to hear up to date interviews with Dr. Greer? Go to The World Puja Network:

  • The second Friday of each month Dr. Greer gives an update on the energy issues and the 4th Friday of each month he discusses experiences from CSETI trainings in an hour long discussion. It’s the most timely way to hear what he has to say. Some of the previous interviews are archived. (Our thanks to World Puja network for providing us with this great way to reach out to people, {AERO2012, and the Orion Project}).

Topics for November:

November 14, 2009 – New Energy, New Economy

  • Dr. Greer and Dr. Loder will update the listeners of the progress of The Orion Project, including exciting new information about the Stan Meyer devices.
  • The discussion will then turn to how Over-Unity Energy will change the economies of the world vis a vis: new industries, job creation, elimination of poverty. Please go The Orion Project.org for more information.

November 21, 2009 – Reports from the Field

  • Last year at the field work at the Joshua Tree training, the Orion transmissions were received – ordered signals which seemed to emanate from near the constellation Orion. They can be heard at CSETI.org, under the section CSETI News.
  • Listen on the 21st to hear what happened at the Joshua Tree Ambassadors to the Universe training this year. The interaction between the ET visitors and the CSETI groups is always developing and changing. It is an exercise in the development of higher states of consciousness.

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