Index January 2014

2014-01-01: Afghan Street Children Beg for Change;
2014-01-02: Constitution ‘exemption’ zone spans 100 miles inland of US border – judge;
2014-01-03: Which Way to the Winter Palace, Please?
2014-01-04: Gysi findet Passagen im Wahlprogramm zu EU-kritisch;
2014-01-04: Major Social Transformation Is a Lot Closer Than You May Realize;
2014-01-05: In India, A Spectre For Us All, And A Resistance Coming;
2014-01-06: Egypt: Re-reading the roadmap;
2014-01-07: Land Conflicts in Argentina;
2014-01-08: Boeing Union Workers Forced Into Massive Concessions;
2014-01-09: The Elusive Recovery;
2014-01-10: USDA Moves To Approve Agent Orange GMO Seeds;
2014-01-11: Noam Chomsky on the Civil Rights Movement;
2014-01-12: Egypt: Make or break;
2014-01-13: Walking in an Anthropocene wonderland;
2014-01-14: Aliens could share more tech with us, if we warmonger less;
2014-01-15: The Day Before Disclosure;
2014-01-16: The right for changes in our life patterns;
2014-01-17: The Ideology Problem: Thomas Patterson’s Failed Technocratic Dream For Journalism;
2014-01-18: Health Technologies;
2014-01-19: Poverty in the EU: increasing in the Eurozone, decreasing outside of it;
2014-01-19: JACQUES LACAN (1901-1981);
2014-01-20: Digital Democracy vs. Corporate Dominance: R.I.P. Internet Neutrality?
2014-01-21: Why Spying On Metadata Is Even MORE Intrusive than Listening to Content;
2014-01-22: to think about;
2014-01-23: The ethics of conditional cash transfers;
2014-01-24: European Labor: Political and Ideological Crisis;
2014-01-25: Links on my Dashboard;
2014-01-26: The Ascent of Money;
2014-01-27: Mind of Plants … and other items;
2014-01-28: amazing wave videos;
2014-01-29: Klaus Schulze, Lisa Gerrard, Hans Zimmer;
2014-01-30: Film: Mon Oncle d’Amérique;
2014-01-31: The Problems with the Common Core.

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