UK charity worker killed in Kabul

( First my comment: these Taliban are childish enough to believe they can change our world through “callous and cowardly acts” , but let us not forget: they were brought up by western warlords to combate the Russians in Afghanistan … thus they are also the product of OUR wars).

Published on BBC, by news channel, 20 October 2008.


Gayle Williams, 34, was a UK and South African national. She was killed by two men on a motorbike, witnesses told the BBC.

The Taleban are reported to have said they killed her because she was working for a Christian organisation called Serve Afghanistan.

In August the Taleban killed three foreign women near Kabul …

… “She was walking to the office. She had to pick up some papers because she had to give training to the Afghan staff about how to work with people with disabilities.”

Her Kabul-based colleagues also released a joint statement, calling Ms Williams an “inspiring” person who “put others before herself”.

The secretary of state for international development, Douglas Alexander, called the killing a “callous and cowardly act”.

He said: “To present her killing as a religious act is as despicable as it is absurd – it was cold blooded murder.”

Ms Williams leaves behind her mother in the UK and a sister in South Africa.

This year 29 aid workers have been killed in Afghanistan; five of whom were international staff.

In August another aid group, the International Rescue Committee, suspended operations after three of its foreign female staff – a British-Canadian, a Canadian and a Trinidadian-American – were shot with their Afghan driver close to Kabul.

The Taleban claimed responsibility for that attack, saying the women were foreign spies. (full text).

Read also: … “We must remember that these men have a ruthless plan for the world in the form of a theocratic Islamic caliphate. In Taliban-ruled Afghanistan we saw a glimpse of their utopia: women degraded, freedom denied and followers of other brands of Islam exterminated” … (full text).

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