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A postsriptum at the beginning: March 31, 2006, reported in french by ReseauVoltaire: Assassination of one of the actif members of The «Scholars for 9/11 Truth» rejected the official version, Michael Zebuhr !


To reveal that a ‘good truth’ is not good but a bad one, hiding behind even so crazy unjust bad events, that we feel, we cannot stand it … then we are shocked. The last shock is made these days to the kind, normal, hard working American people are discussions started on an American Media station, having now their Homepage named WANTtoKNOW.info.

I can understand the shock this discussion may raise, we in Switzerland had the same some years ago about the Swiss Nazi Gold our Government was handling with, and we, the so nice people, had no information about (or had not looked at the writings of our historians, as their revelations/texts remained in some shelter and no media had the courage to spread them, at its time).

Now, for the 9/11 bad-theories, we here in Europe have some advance, as already 25% of the Germans believe that this big event was made by a small ‘dark group’ of Americans, and never by Osama Bin Laden (even if this other crazy guy is delighted to be told as autor). There exist several books in German about (one of Andreas Bülow, moving in the realm of the German ‘CIA’, Die CIA und der 11. September, ISBN 3-492-04545-6), another having a CD-rom with all pictures for discussions (die Bildbeweise, I am searching the no.).

Just click here below on one of the hyperlinks, or paste the URLs into your browser:

here – (http://www.911podcasts.com/files/video/ShowbizTonight20060322.wmv);

and here, (http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/march2006/250306showbiztonightalex.htm).

Remember what happened then and also listen to the discussion on youTUBE, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psP_9RE0V2I).

P.P.S.: strange, to day March 28, some video links of this story are no more working. They are all from the hompage of I want to know to CNN:

Sheen’s theory;

to CNN WORLD and

to CNN US;

Yes, it is not so easy to confront the US Gov without having their reactions/pressures. I guess it is the same battle about facts in every country: only if the people really want to know the reality, it may come out. I guess that many of the so called normal Americans need some time to stand this story. Only if THEY want to know the facts, it can be revealed. Otherwise, every Gov is hiding itself behind the so called ’silent opinion’, which – in any case – do NOT want to know facts, if these facts are hurting them too much.

NO, peoples do NOT want to know facts about a story, if they have the feeling they cannot stand it. THIS lesson we ‘good’ progressists have not learned yet, as we move always only in our own circles of people thinking like we do.

The latest moment we become aware again, that a huge silent majority WANTS to be lied about facts, to make life easier, is when an election brings out a guy like Bush. Bush is not only the result of this silent majority of American voting for him, he is also the result of good progressists living only between their progressists friends, and forgetting those who NEVER want listen to such stories. NEVER.

The not solved question for progressists remains: how to deal with them? Is there any way?

Yes, with the time there will be a ‘way by default’: facts always come out, sooner or later, but if there runs a ‘default program’, we have not or too less control over it. Then run wars, civil wars, or any other crazy crash. But do not despair: those profiters of such crashes do not complain. Only the ‘little man in the street’ complains, those who were so confident.

But for the safe of the liars: even then the little man is ready to believe any explanation, hoping to find again some peace for its soul.

Look, guys, as long as the ‘peace for our soul’ is the first goal, and not the search for facts, you can be lied by those being able, not only to do so, but also getting some profit of it.

And do not complain after the result. World is not a place only to dream and to eat and to fuck.

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