Meditation May Increase Empathy

Linked with Tania Singer, and with the University Research Priority Programm URPP.

Published on Contemplative Mind in Life, by dvango, Aug. 21, 2008.

A Conference on Mindfulness and its practical applications will be held in Warsaw, Poland November 26-28th, 2008. The Conference is meant to be the platform of inspiration for scientific research, workshops, and training programmes on mindfulness and other Buddhist techniques. That is why the term practical application has been used instead of theoretical and philosophical concepts of psychology and Buddhism … (more … ):

We are honoured to invite professionals from all over the world to participate in the 1st Conference on Practical Application of Buddhism in Western Psychology. This year’s conference is titled Mindfulness: Theory and Practice.

The idea has been conceived in the minds of different people such as psychotherapists, psychiatrists, translators, business people and practicing buddhists who have come together to create a forum for a cross-discipline discussion on important issues based on certain Buddhist techniques such as mindfulness and contemplative approach to psychotherapy, health care, self-development and organizations. And now it is the right time to put in order all these ideas, and that is why the present Conference is being held … (full text).

… The Conference has been organised by the Polish Mindfulness Association (in Polish).

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