Afghans have gone crazy, yet again

Found on a lovely blog named Blogger’s Kashmir, from an IDP out of the Indian part of Kashmir:

by Puneet, First it was hammering the Buddha statues, then came 9/11 and patronage to Bin Laden. Now the news is that Abdul Rehman is being given a death verdict for having converted to Christianity 16 years ago. I am baffled and it baffles a common mind. What is happening? Why do you want to execute an innocent man? For what?

When ever I talk to any Muslim, anywhere in the world, they have the same words. Islam is a tolerant religion. It does not believe in conversions and coercions. Even people like Geelani say that it is a sin to kill the innocent people, even from other religions. But what on the earth is happening here. And we are not talking of one person or a clerk. We are talking about the whole administration, whole country after the blood of this man.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the Muslims of the civilized world, or a country or from a small city to take a procession and denounce such a barbaric desire. Can they come out tell the world that this is not right and let them be heard. For these are not pictures but the life of a human being who, I hear, Prophet Mohammed would have loved anyway. Please help that guy and tell the Afghans that they are crazy!!! I am sure with the world pressure nothing will happen to this guy but you get to decide where you stand. Puneet.

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