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2013-11-01: some links about us;
2013-11-02: WikiLeaks’ Mediastan: The True Fifth Estate;
2013-11-03: Belgium: Class Trade Unionism Seeks Political Expression;
2013-11-04: NSA spying row reveals new tensions between imperialist powers;
2013-11-05: under the water line;
2013-11-06: Sting operation using virtual Filipina girl snags thousands of sexual predators;
2013-11-07: This transatlantic trade deal is a full-frontal assault on democracy;
2013-11-08: How Economic Growth has Become Anti-Life;
2013-11-09: Analysis: the Mind of the Poor;
2013-11-10: Vatican – Original Sin – Extraterrestrials;
2013-11-11: Caveman Cuisine: Scientists Question Rise of the Paleo Diet;
2013-11-11: RDC: une insoutenable barbarie… mais que fait la communauté internationale;
2013-11-12: Socialism in One Village;
2013-11-13: Worker’s for hard jobs in the United Arab Emirates UAE;
2013-11-14: The primal role of religion;
2013-11-15: The Men Who Made Us Fat;
2013-11-16: Cutting Antibiotics: Denmark Leads Way in Healthier Pig Farming;
2013-11-17: Stop Watching Us and other aliens;
2013-11-18: Infinity – Infinie;
2013-11-19: Return to Cranford;
2013-11-20: Mass Organization and the Intensifying Class Struggle;
2013-11-21: Here’s How One Dark Money Group Keeps Its $22 Million Donor Secret;
2013-11-22: Are You Unfit To Survive America?
2013-11-23: FILM: let’s not live like slaves;
2013-11-24: Campfire Kids: Going Back to Nature with Forest Kindergartens;
2013-11-25: The God Delusion – The Hunger Games – Hamed Abdel-Samad;
2013-11-26: The June Uprisings in Brazil: Below and Behind the Huge Mobilizations (Part 1);
2013-11-27: Desperate measures: Greeks self-inflict HIV to get €700 benefits;
2013-11-28: Scared to Death;
2013-11-29: Editor’s Choice: Pope Francis craps on Capitalism;
2013-11-30: Thai protesters capture army HQ.

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