WikiLeaks’ Mediastan: The True Fifth Estate

Published on Dissident Voice, by Nozomi Hayase, October 31, 2013.

Mediastan is a documentary film that follows the journey of a small group of WikiLeaks’ associates in their quest for media outlets to publish secret US diplomatic cables. These young journalists travel through Central Asia and interview editors of local media organizations with the goal of offering cables relevant to their country. In their Press Release, WikiLeaks calls the 94 minute raw film “Operation Cablerun…the world’s first truly global media event”. Julian Assange describes the Central Asia region as “the most fascinating geopolitical region in the world… ; on the top, Russia, on the bottom, China; in the middle, a fight for US influence”. As Assange indicates, the really interesting aspect of the movie is how “what started out as a geopolitical road movie transformed into a tale of comparative censorship” … //

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the Film: Mediastan, official trailer, 1.59 min, uploaded by Journeyman Pictures, Oct 17, 2913: on the road with Wikileaks – rent the full film here: MEDIASTAN, (on
HACKED! when cyber spies attack, 42.20 min, produced by ABC Australia, on, June 21, 2013;

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Uproar in China and other Asian nations over ‘US spies through embassies’ report, on Russia Today RT, Oct 31, 2013;
Snowden ready to testify in Merkel tapping case – German lawmaker, on Russia Today RT, Oct 31, 2013;
Snowden in surprise meeting with German politician Stroebele, on Euronews, Nov 1, 2013 (in Moscow on Thursday … Snowden () gave him a letter addressed to German authorities which he will present in Berlin …);

Hans-Christian Stroebele on en.wikipedia (born 7 June 1939) is a German politician and lawyer. He is a member of the German Green party …;
Hans-Christian Stroebele on de.wikipedia (* 7. Juni 1939 in Halle an der Saale) ist ein deutscher Rechtsanwalt und Politiker der Partei Bündnis 90/Die Grünen. Er war von 2002 bis 2009 stellvertretender Vorsitzender der Bundestagsfraktion Bündnis 90/Die Grünen und ist das dienstälteste Mitglied des Parlamentarischen Kontrollgremiums (PKG) des Deutschen Bundestages zur Kontrolle der Geheimdienste …, politische Positionen und Kritik, Weblinks; auf de.wikipedia;

Americans have been lied to: Edward Snowden saw things he thought we, as Americans, should know. He valued the truth and thought you could handle it, on New Statesman, by Alec Baldwin, Oct 31, 2013;

Tunnel for Smuggling Found Under U.S.-Mexico Border: Tons of Drugs Seized, on NYT, by LIAM DILLON and IAN LOVETT, Oct 31, 2013;

US: A fracked up nation, on Intrepid Report, by Bev Conover, Oct 31, 2013: … Billions of gallons of precious potable water are mixed with sand and a witches’ brew of chemicals that are injected at extreme pressure into wellheads to fracture the underlying shale, forcing the sand into the fissures to keep them open in order to release the gas and oil trapped in the rock. The proponents of this process—the energy companies and the politicians they have bought—contend that this is a safe process that will make the United States energy independent …;

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