Peace, Prayer, and Protest

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Published on Week X Week (news of the week from Peace x Peace), by Mary Liston Liepold, August 20, 2008.

Yesterday The London Times mock-seriously advised anyone who’s looking for quiet in Beijing to head to one of the areas set aside for protest. It’s peaceful there; dissension has been squelched. That same day, a member of the women’s anti-nuclear peace encampment at Aldermaston was being tried under England’s new anti-terrorism legislation. A judge’s sense of irony just might have contributed to her release today. (Or possibly even gratitude, since US nukes, at least, were recently removed from England.) Now perhaps we in the US should wait to see how protestors fare at the Democratic and Republican conventions before we judge the Chinese …

… For now I’m focusing on the things I’m for, and not the things I’m against. And when the spirit moves me, there are many ways to protest, including poetry and pilgrimage. A film called Searching for Lin Zhao’s Soul screens in San Francisco Friday evening. It’s about an imprisoned Chinese poet who penned thousands and thousands of characters in her own blood. In Angola, Catholic women are going on pilgrimage to pray for a peaceful government transition … (full text).

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