Our Military Has No Higher Duty Than To End Fascism

Published on Countercurrents.org, by Timothy V. Gatto, 19 August, 2008.

As with any civilization, there comes a time where that civilization must choose between right and wrong, commonsense and nonsense, and civility over barbarism. The period immediately after World War II saw the world community questioning the German people on their complicity with the fascist regime that had wrecked havoc and desolation upon the world and was guilty of mass exterminations of millions of human beings. The answer that was often time given was that the average German didn’t see it coming, and that if they knew what the future would bring, they would have never participated in Hitler’s mad schemes. The world never quite forgot the German people’s complicity in the last World War, and they will not forgive the American people for displaying their lack of concern over what our government does in the name of the “American People”.

In order to create “A more perfect union” we devised one of the greatest documents in history, the American Constitution and its accompanying Bill of Rights. These documents have served us well for the last several centuries, but of late it has become the shell of what they once were. They are no longer documents that guarantees the people’s rights, but of the government’s utter control over its own people. We have basically lost the 1st Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances …

… I served in the military for almost 21 years. The Uniform Code of Military Justice is now a more just system than our civilian constitutional system of laws. The largest organization that has taken an oath to protect and defend the United States from all enemies, foreign or domestic, and to protect and preserve the constitution of the United States is our Armed Forces. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are required to preserve and protect the republic. Their obligation is clear. The sociopaths that are in control of this nation must be thrown out of office along with their corporate masters. During the time that the military assumes power, a new constitutional convention formed by elected delegates from every State must write a new Constitution that has in it a clear and concise plan for the dignity and rule of out government “by the people and for the people”. An American military government is preferable to the policies of today. Elections can be held after the signing of a new constitution and a civilian government can reassume it’s duties as trusted stewards of our republic.

This may sound like a radical plan and may frighten most Americans. We have no other choice. 10% of the population holds 71% of its wealth. The average American is not a voice in the government of today. World War III is about to begin. We are almost out of time, and I mean that in every sense of the word. I may be imprisoned for writing this, but I cannot in good conscience watch my nation rain depleted uranium, white phosphorus, napalm and other forms of death on foreign nations, killing millions. War is no longer an option unless we are attacked directly. It is not a form of diplomacy to be used in the 21st Century. It is ironic that the only people that can change our future are the very same people that do these criminals bidding. Who better to defend the republic than the military that is charged to do so? It is their solemn duty, and there can be no higher calling. (full text).

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