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Published on, 24 July 2008.

Interview with Scholar Rescue Fund’s Jim Miller – Part 1:

(short excerpt): … Question: How widespread and serious a problem is the persecution of scholars around the globe?

Miller: The problem is severe and widespread. The numbers may say it all: since 2002, IIE’s Scholar Rescue Fund has received over 1,800 requests for assistance from individuals in over 100 countries. Scholars in virtually every discipline have become victim to the ravages of disease, war or economic chaos. SRF has learned that direct threats to scholars often begin on their very own university campuses. The deliberate persecution of scholars – ranging widely from censorship to death threats – generally escapes the world’s attention, but the fact is that scholars are often the first target of repressive regimes, paramilitary groups, terrorists or any individual seeking to silence dissent or opposition in their pursuit of power.

Question: What impact are you having? Can you give me an example or two?

Miller: Lives saved – We have helped scholars escape censorship, violence and, in many cases, death sentences. SRF has awarded grants to dozens of scholars who were in prison, in hiding, or under house arrest … (full interview text).


Scholar Rescue Saves the Intellectual Capital of a Country, Interview with Scholar Rescue Fund’s Jim Miller – Part 2, 24 July 2008;

Driving tomorrow’s achievements, not dated.

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