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De: ActionAid
Date: 11/08/2008

We need your help: Current situation: Devastating drought, combined with soaring global food prices, has left millions of people in Ethiopia, Kenya and other Horn of Africa countries in urgent need of food.

Crops have failed and livestock are dying. Desperate parents have been forced to scavenge for poisonous berries to feed their children. It takes three long days to prepare enough berries for just one meal. Lodap, a mother in the Rift Valley of Kenya said, “The berries are bitter. [When we prepare them] children get a burning effect [in their throats], it can even disturb their stomachs and they get sick…”

Read more about how mothers like Lodap are struggling to feed their families.

ActionAid Ambassador Jan Ravens has been to see the situation in Kenya first-hand. She says, “There’s no food here. There are no crops growing… It shouldn’t need to get this bad for us to help these people.”

Watch video of Jan Ravens in Kenya.

Our response on the ground: We are already on the ground delivering water and food aid. But we urgently need to do more to stop a catastrophic loss of life.

Women and children are suffering the most from malnutrition so we are targeting them with supplies of food and water. So far we have distributed water to 25,000 people and provided nutritious food rations to over 1000 children under five.

We need your help now to reach more of the most vulnerable people with vital supplies of water and food.

We will also help families for the long-term, by supplying them with the seeds and tools they need to start farming again as soon as possible.

Find out more about the crisis and how we’re responding.

How you can help: Please donate to our Horn of Africa Appeal using our secure online donation system: Donate online now! – Or call our 24hr hotline: +44(0)1460 238 023

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