American Complicity – Part II

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Part II is published on, by Timothy V. Gatto, June 02, 2008.

… The corporate media and their “selective” reporting on world events are troubling. The American people are well aware that we don’t get all the facts. It is quite obvious to everyone that takes an interest in world affairs that in this day and age, you just cannot rely on the mainstream media. If Americans want to get the complete picture they must go to the internet. This is a travesty when you really think about it. In this so-called “information age”, why can’t the American people count on their media? We all know the answer; it’s because “corporate interests”, and not the editors who select the news that will be broadcast or printed. No longer are the people’s interests paramount, the sponsor’s and the owners of those outlets interests are.

I’m sure that someone will comment on this story and tell me that I have written nothing new. In fact, I’m sure of it. This is why I toyed with the idea to stop writing about politics and the world and go back to writing fiction. There are times that I feel everything I write I have written before, if not me, than somebody. Sometimes I get tired of writing the same kind of articles. Take my word for it, if you only cover those stories that expose government deception, you’ll never run out of material. I took a week off and thought about it. During that time, a number of events popped up that made me want to write. I realized that I don’t write about the same things over and over, it’s that I come to the same conclusions over and over. This is means, at the end of the day (I hate that phrase), it all boils down to the same thing; many Americans don’t confront this administration, regardless of how blatant the lie. The Bush Administration basically gets a free pass on everything, and the American people allow it.

Just think about the lies Bush has told and then make believe for a moment that it was Bill Clinton who had done the very same thing. Can you do it? Then ask yourself why Bush is still the President. Ask yourself if the American people are indeed complicit. If you say that it isn’t the people but the media who are complicit, ask yourself why the people can’t change the media? I ask myself this question everyday. (full text).

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