Calls for Action on Libyan Philosopher Dr Ahmed Ibrahim Death Sentence

Published on Mathaba, by blog owner, August 9, 2013.

the leading philosopher and educator on the Third Universal Theory Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, member of the International Scientific Committee of the World Center for the Studies and Researches on The Green Book and the Third Universal Theory, and a former minister of Education was sentenced to death by a Misrata rebel court in Libya in an effort to murder the world’s leading third universal theory revolutionary philosopher.  

Having dedicated his life to the teaching of the universal theory which not only exposes the failures of both capitalism and communism but provides a viable moral alternative with its aspects of direct democracy, natural socialism, social, national and religious harmony, he was captured by Misrata rebels during the NATO bombing of Sirte and has remained held for almost 2 years. Repeatedly subjected to torture and abuse, his captors even uploaded various videos to YouTube depicting them taunting the old man.

The Supreme Court has yet to ratify the verdict, arguable due to the Misrata court’s bias against a native of Sirte, arguable as political vengeance, arguable as the result of Western policy in targeting Dr. Ibrahim as a socialist pan-African, arguable in the absence of concern for mistreatment of and death sentences for “Gaddafi loyalists” under the current government of Libya, arguable in that the Misrata court lacks credibility due to the inability of Libyan justice to find Gaddafi’s death a war crime in spite of the Human Rights Watch findings.

On May 31st, the International Criminal Court found Libyan justice incapable of a fair trial for two other Gaddafi loyalists the ICC wants tried at the Hague. Libya does not yet have a constitution. The concern of academics among others worldwide is urged, given that the aim is to erase The Green Book ideology: educational institutes the world over have censored the theory which presents a viable alternative to both capitalism and communism to set humanity free of the materialist clutches of the elitist economic and political systems … //

… He also disclosed that as an Australian citizen he contacted the vice-chancellor of his home town university — the University of Adelaide — Professor Warren Bebbington who refused to even have an informal meeting with him to discuss the situation of his colleague. This prompted the idea to contact educational institutes the world over asking them to provide a home to the ISC to continue its work, as well as to condemn the death sentence passed against the leading philosopher on the Third Universal Theory and call for justice to be served including redress for his torture.

Help is being sought in this endeavor to contact media, educational and humanitarian organizations as well as to revive the International Scientific Committee and provide it with the resources to carry on its work in publishing studies and researches on The Green Book. Capable communication coordinators and collectors for donations to cover costs as well as anyone with practical advice or offers of assistance are urged to contact Mathaba News Agency to offer help with the Australian ISC member toward the above-mentioned objectives.

Partial sources online: “Ahmed Ibrahim: Silence of the Lambs,” Aug. 1, 2013, Adam King, Mathaba; “An Urgent Appeal: Dr Ahmed Ibrahim Sentenced to Death by Kangaroo Court,” Yahaya Ezemoo Ndu and Gerald A. Perreira, Aug. 2, 2013, Mathaba; “Death Sentences And The International Criminal Court,”Vijay Prashad, Aug. 2, 2013, The Sri Lanka Guardian; and reports at the “suppressed news service” of
(full text including many hyper-links).


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