The American Reality

Published on, by Max Kantar, 31 July, 2008.

Amidst the independence day flag waving, summer sporting events, and even a few murmurs about the prospect of ‘change’ in an upcoming national election, a much darker reality exists in this country.

Blinded by the bright lights of flatscreen televisions and drowned out by the numbing buzz of propaganda and unimportant words, we have been hypnotized by the doctrinal system of mass media and baptized in materialistic excess.

By allowing a fraction of the spoils of international terrorism and exploitation to trickle into the hands of a substantial sector of the American working and middle class, the corporate elite have effectively purchased not only our blessing and consent, but our morals and souls …

… In this sick and deranged society we are programmed as well, to see our own countrymen as not our brothers and sisters, but as objects of competition. As an army of debtors, workers, and consumers, we march through the streets aimlessly towards our next meaningless purchase, destination, or crusade, instinctively kicking aside the faceless un-people sheltered in the cardboard barracks on the streets and sidewalks of multimillion dollar shopping centers and enterprises.

Like Orwell’s sheep, we repeat and regurgitate robotic rationalizations justifying the fatal deprivation of the most fundamental human needs of our own brethren, of which these necessities could be so easily and readily provided, to deny other humans them is not less than malice.

And while we refuse to recognize and respect the rights of others, we seldom pass up an opportunity to relinquish ourselves of all responsibility for our own actions and inactions. We blame victims for their condition of victim-hood. Our relationships with each other are often void of sincerity and love, driven more by fear, habit, selfishness, expectations and other self-serving and superficial qualities.

If we wish to once and for all, remove ourselves from our despicable and pathological role that we are fulfilling at this very hour then we must break free from the indoctrination system to smash these ideological constraints and cease with our passive behavior that we have mastered over recent years.

Wake up! We have nothing of value to lose. (full text).

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