Latest Disclosures on The National Security Archive NSA

The Israel-Argentina Yellowcake Connection
Published on NSA, Electronic Briefing Book No. 432. by William Burr and Avner Cohen, June 25, 2013 (Docs 1 – 43 and Notes):

  • Previously Secret Documents Show That Canadian Intelligence Discovered That Israel Purchased Yellowcake from Argentines during 1963-1964;
  • Information Later Shared with British and Americans, Who Accepted It after Hesitation;   
  • U.S. State Department Insisted that Uranium Sales Required Safeguards to Assure Peaceful Use but Israel Was Uncooperative and Evasive About the Yellowcake’s Ultimate Use;

Studies in Intelligence: New Articles from The CIA’s In-House Journal
Published on NSA, Electronic Briefing Book No. 431. by Jeffrey T. Richelson, June 4, 2013 (Docs 1 – 19 and Notes):

  • Unofficial Intelligence Community Views on Assassinations, James Angleton’s ‘Monster Plot,’ Agent Protection, and More;
  • Articles Released via Freedom of Information Act.

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