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Date: 02 July 2008

Secondary schools in England are to have a brand new addition to the citizenship curriculum.

Human rights will soon form part of the subject’s syllabus, following the launch of a teacher resource pack for the new programme at an east London school yesterday.

A collaboration between Amnesty International UK, the Ministry of Justice, the British Institute of Human Rights and the Department for Children, Schools and Families resulted in the development of Right Here, Right Now: Teaching citizenship through human rights.

Lessons about identity and diversity will be taught as part of the addition to the curriculum.

Justice minister Michael Wills stated: ‘Ensuring everyone within a school understands their rights and responsibilities brings home the importance of respecting the rights of others’.

And it is hoped that the programme will help stimulate debate and action among pupils, following the first annual citizenship week to occur in England that took place last month.

‘I firmly believe it will help citizenship education become more inspiring, motivating and inclusive for young people,’ said Amnesty International director Kate Allen.

Source: Association of Teachers and Lecturers.

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