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Date: 04/07/2008

Dear members, Below is a compilation of requests for information sent to the Global Human Rights Education listserv during the past weeks. At the bottom of each request you will find an e-mail address, so that you can respond to the request directly.


  • 1. Seeking partnership with international donor organisations for ending violence against girls and women and education programme in Bangladesh
  • 2. Looking for educational materials on the rights of persons with disabilities
  • 3. Looking for Master’s programme in immigration and refugees
  • 4. Seeking resources on children’s rights

1. SEEKING PARTNERSHIP WITH INTERNATIONAL DONOR ORGANISATIONS FOR ENDING VIOLENCE AGAINST GIRLS AND WOMEN AND EDUCATION PROGRAMME IN BANGLADESH: Promoting Human Rights and Education in Bangladesh (PHREB) is a Chittagong based Human Rights Organization that is committed to combat all forms of violence and discrimination against girls & women and advance women’s human rights in Bangladesh.
Violence & discrimination against girls and women is pervasive in all corners of the Bangladeshi society. Stories of young girls killing themselves after being subject to psychological torture and sexual harassment are becoming more common. Many stories are not even reported for fear of repercussions from the culprits or to protect the families’ reputation. The crime of harassing young women until they are pushed to take their own lives continues unabated because the victims and their families are not influential, because law enforcers can be bribed or politically pressurized because the perpetrators are supported by the political party in power, because society in general is not supportive of the victims.Since its inception in 2004, PHREB has been working with adolescent girls, parents, schools and communities together to prevent and end all forms of discrimination and violence against girls and women.
In 2004 PHREB started an adolescent girls organization “Bangladesh Kishori Adhikar Forum (BKAF)” to empower adolescent girls and young women to speak out, seek and access their basic human rights enshured in the UN instruments and Bangladesh Constitution. At present BKAF has 3500 members who are fighting for a better future for themselves and Bangladeshi girl child. In December 2006, PHREB started Tulip School Project to provide quality non-formal education and vocational training to at least 700 adolescent girls from 10 slums of Chittagong. The Tulip School Centers are well known institutions for the disadvantaged, hard to reach non-schooling adolescent girls. These schools do not only provide education and vocational training to girls, they also provide a women only environment to the gender based violence victims a place to share their hardships with other girls. They also provide women and girls from the selected slums an opportunity to speak out against violence and discrimination towards women and girls.
Tulip Schools also provide its students, mothers, other women with primary treatment and nutrition campaign. The Tulip Schools have taken initiative to train girls on gardening, fisheries and poultry to involve them in business to eradicate extreme poverty.
We seek partnership support from international donor organizations who are active in Bangladesh or south asia so that we can continue our works for girls and women in Bangladesh.
Interested organizations can contact us:
Faridul Alam, Founder and Managing Director, Promoting Human Rights and Education in Bangladesh (PHREB), House A/13, 3rd Floor, Road 1, Block A, Chandgaon R/A, Chittagong 4212, Bangladesh, Tel: +880 31 257 1170, e-mail. Website: Thanks, Khan Agha Dawoodzai, Bangladesh, e-mail.

2. LOOKING FOR EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS ON THE RIGHTS OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: Dear friends, Greetings from Cairo. I would be grateful if you could me send me any electronic educational materials, sound practices, research relating to rights of people with disabilities. Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation, Yousry Moustafa, Egypt, e-mail.

3. LOOKING FOR MASTER’S PROGRAMME IN IMMIGRATION AND REFUGEES: Dear colleagues, My name is Valentina Crespi, from Italy. I am graduated in Political Sciences and after different courses, I am currently working with European Voluntary Service in a National NGO in Portugal dealing with migration and documentations for migrants. I am also specialized in asylum seekers and refugees EU new policy. Do you know any courses or Master about immigration and refugees in particular? I would be pleased for any help! Thank you in advance for your attention! Truly Yours, Valentina, Valentina Crespi, e-mail.

4. SEEKING RESOURCES ON CHILDREN’S RIGHTS: Dear all, I am working as a community worker focusing on child Porotection at the district level. In my work I implore people to change attitude and internalise human rights but am not conversant with real skills that can help to see our children protect their rights. Can you please help me to understand such issues and any related. Regards, Goldie Siabu, Malawi, e-mail.

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