Chile red-hot as student protest turns violent

Published on Russia Today RT, June 28, 2013.

First a short video, 1.18 min: Students clash with riot police during a protest to demand Chilean President Sebastian Pinera’s government to improve the public education quality, in Santiago, on June 26 …
Santiago police responded to hooded protesters in the Chilean capital with tear gas and water cannon, marring a largely peaceful demonstration by more than 100,000 students and union workers demanding fair distribution of wealth.  

The violence began ahead of nationwide demonstrations on Wednesday when separate pocket of protesters hurled Molotov cocktails at a police station, prompting a police crackdown. The protesters also stormed a restaurant and used its chairs as barricades, tying up traffic along some of Santiago’s busiest roads, AP reported.

Police arrested 102 people, while four officers were injured in the violence … //

… The dispute over education reform is set to be a key issue ahead of the presidential elections scheduled for November 17.
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(My comment: regularly a small group of some individuals are able to turn a peaceful protest into violence, according with police’s willingness for a good battle.
These two factors – some individual provocators vs some higher police commanders – turning too regularly protest worldwide into a chaos – can no longer exclude a class war by some highest placed world elites. Third World War will be a worldwide class war.
Concequence: The ‘normal’ elite of people’s descendance have now to move out and stop this.
If not, too many unemployed youngsters learn the pleasure of a daily big mess against power as unique goal in their life. In german this process is called ‘Verluderung’, in english a mix of scander, fritter away, got to the bad … the person is no more able for a regular and disciplined work, living only for the emotional feeling, the drug, the quicky given by a good war with the police

more about Chile:

  • Repression in Chile 2: The Dark Side of Chilean Police and State Intelligence, 50.57 min, uploaded by Verdad Ahora, December 16, 2012: The following documentary exposes how Chilean police officers are used as pawns by the economic elite in their war against rising protests around the country. It also exposes a hidden intelligence structure inside Chilean police to spy and illegaly listen to the phone of emblematic political figures, including Human Rights lawyers and ambassadors; kidnappings of protesters and the presence of agents provocateurs at student rallies;
  • Chile Student Protest for fair Education – Violent repression unleashed by Government, 3.32 min, Uploaded by Sebastián Pérez, November 25, 2011: What had started as a beautiful manifestation of music and solidarity by Chilean students and workers, turned into a battlefield due to the violent repression unleashed by Piñera and his minister Hinzpeter. Acts like this, that reminds as of Pinochet’s cout d’etat times, can only be condemned;
  • Chile protests on YouTube;


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