A voice out of Nigeria

The Yahoogroup WorldCitizen (see also this web) debates about this World and how to make it a better place. I would like to present you a voice out of this chat, comming from Nigeria. Dayo Adeagbo writes:

The need for the development of the naturally blessed nations of Africa especially Nigeria is not the aid or funds from any industrialised or developed world. Nigeria oil is one of the best oil in the world, the soil of Nigeria is blessed above measure that practically every plant can germinate on it without the aid of any artificial fertiliser. There are so many untapped natural resources in Nigeria.

To the best of my knowledge the largest oil investment of Royal Dutch Shell is in Nigeria. The Nation Nigeria contribute immensely to the world market especially oil market and there are other means by which the Government earn money.

So it will be unwise to ask any nation for aid or funds for the development of a nation like this. The only thing that is lacking is the good governance that can be led by a good leader. The truth also remain that some leader even in the developed world connive with the corrupt leaders of Africa to trade the future of their people.

If the leaders of so call developed world are so interested in the development of Africa, it is difficult to believe the campaign of these countries, because all of the money that are stolen from Africa are kept in the custody of the developed world like Swiss bank, properties that can survive millions of Africans are own by these greedy and corrupt leaders of Africa on the very soil of the developed world and there is nothing done to check mate this evil been perpetrated by the evil leaders in Africa. The west allow this to go on unchecked.

Well i am not too fast in international policies that has to do with such matter but i think there is a law that frown against money laundering internationally and this can be use against these leaders. The west need to do a real help and to pretend to help this continent while they parley with these corrupt leaders.

There is need for this because where there is hunger and injustice there can hardly be peace that is been proclaimed by us all.

It is clear that what Africa need from the industrialised and developed world is not aid or funds of any type……..the continent is too rich to be poor but for the greedy leaders. Peace an Unity, Dayo, WSA.

My comment: just right, we cannot say it better.

And a link out of this WorldCitizenYahooGroup: Jack Knight, songwriter of Pennsylvania.

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