the betrayal on Darfour’s children

adopt a child, thus safe a life – the Axis that opposes people’s socialisation versus elite’s socialisation

Linked with Eric Breteau – France, and with no more any indulgence for our world elites.

I have just read the french book: Eric Breteau, l’Arche de Zoe, les dessous de l’affaire d’Etats, ma verite, Plon, 2008, ISBN: 978-2-259-20922-9.

Please now listen to excerpts of citations in the following audio from toucan radio or read the transcript excerpts hereafter … This piece was recorded in July, 2007, a couple of months before they started their operation on the ground. Click here to hear reports on the French hearing and verdict … (full text).

Statements from Janice Peyre, she is the chair of EFA, the Federation of adoptive children and families in France, a volunteer-run advocacy organization: … “Our main criticism is that there has been a confusion between fostering, providing relief, and adoption … and: They have created emotional expectations for some of among some of these people. Lead them to think that, in a context where inter-country adoption is increasingly difficult and complicated, there was perhaps a short, quick, easy way of adopting through Darfur … and: An adoption is not a humanitarian cause” … (full text or audio).

My comment: I think here is the real point!

Yes, here is the difference between elitist behavior and their manipulations between their own ‘peer groups’ (I call it ‘dirty secret arrangements’) and us, the so called not elites, the people:

  • first: seen legally Madame Peyre is right. But, the elites have created this laws, these arrangements, letting each elite group handle its people as they want it, following the old aristocratic law that each earl remains the only deciding sovereign over its people … and we the people got the reflex of submission to what they tell, since hundreds of years people has learned: yes I do not know, you know … ;
  • but second: there remains a counter reflex, as in reality normal people reacts not like elites: in reality, when seeing people /children /women/ old persons in distress, I think YES, IT IS a normal human reflex to say out of the heart “ok, from now on I look and care for you”. More, our christian religion ORDERS us to do so … ;
  • and third: this so called submission to higher orders is a fine excuse for many of us people NOT to have empathy, a heart reflex, when we want only look for ourselves, be egoist, when we feel NOT responsible for this humanity. So, finally elites reach their goal with the help of that great part of egoist people who wants think only for themselves.

And, guys, empathy and a heart reflex HAS to do with Human Rights. It is the heart which tells you when you have to start actions. It is the heart who makes you move.

Yes, I did it during the South France community for many children, when hippy mothers were not able to look for their youngsters. Then their children lived with my children, without any discussion, and my motivation was, NOT TO LET THIS CHILDREN IN THE SHITTY SITUATION THEIR PARENTS HAD PUT THEM – by running away for their experiences, pleasures, sex plays, etc etc) …

… Hey, guys, this is the normal reflex of normal empathic people, of people being not submit to some dubious explanations of NOT intervention, like these days for Birmany …

Now, please read/listen to what says Eric Breteau’s main-partner in the operation, Emilie Lelouch: … “You cannot go in Darfur. The Sudanese government say you cannot go. We cannot work with children. So the only way to save their lives is to go outside of the country … and: Each time in your life, you want to do something and you have to ask. And yes, we know about what’s happening over there for many years, so we stop to ask authorization. It’s a risk. We have to take risks for sure … and: At the beginning it was not a story of adoption. To us it’s really important to save lives, that’s it. We don’t know what happens later. And sorry, but we don’t care. We have to do something now. Now we have to go there and bring them back that’s the point. We work in an emergency. We are not an agency of the adoption. This is not our job … and: We went to Internet and we started to discuss with people who was waiting for a child for a long time, just because we think they are much more ready” … (full text or audio).

… and: I remember her answer made when in Darfur (shown in a french TV) while putting red colored stuff on some children: it was soomething like … “all these elites speaking about laws have lost their right to speak so, as they let this children since years in their inhuman situation, accepting their non-development, instead risking death … I take the right to save this children, I do not ask, as my conscience tells me to do so”

My comment: Yes, that’s exactly the point!

Yes, the elites want hold their souvereignty in decisions over their peoples, we see it now in Birmany … for this ‘right’ they let die all ‘weaks not able to survive’!

But in my eyes these elites deciding over people’s death or life have lost since a long time their credibility! Elites who force peoples to act against their own conscience must have lost the right to be called elites.

So, what if some elites, following their own, same conscience, would help people to run such actions, instead of betraying them, like it happened in Darfour?

Sure, I must be dreaming, as … elites are always submitted. If not, they are collectively excluded by all their fellows. I think that a well known french ministre must know that … I remember a secretary, freshly advanced as chief in a company I worked, said me in the beginning: as an elite you have the right to do ALL you want, as long as you are not caught. But IF, you are lost, no one elite-fellow will help you.

I guess, the frenchy elites adopted exactly this behavior when Eric and co were caught.

Thus, Eric Breteau’s naivety was not to safe children, but to believe that any elite will help him when something goes wrong. A lesson for us all.

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