US secret services in between China and Tibet

Learning about the Past to Understand the Present

Published on, by Fidel Castro, April 2, 2008.

The Tibet images published by the CNN are simplistic: on the one hand they show the Chinese as the bad guys because they are communist; on the other hand we have the Tibet people, the Buddhists. But Comandante Fidel Castro warns that all that is but mere propaganda. The history of that Asian region discloses the truth, the old causes and disputes between the United States and China: the adhesion of Tibet to the Kuomintang to fight Mao and the Buddhist guerrilla under the command of the CIA …

… The Dalai Lama, bestowed with the US Congress’ Gold Medal, praised George W. Bush for his efforts in defense of freedom, democracy and human rights.

The Dalai Lama called the war in Afghanistan a war of “liberation”, the Korean War a war of “semi-liberation” and the Vietnam War a “failure”.

I have summarized information taken from the Internet, from the site Rebelión, specifically. Because of space and time limitations, I have not included the pages where the quoted paragraphs were taken from. There are those who suffer from Chino-phobia, a condition shared by many Westerners, accustomed by their education and cultural differences to regard whatever comes from China contemptuously.

I was still virtually a child when people already spoke of a “yellow menace”. The Chinese revolution seemed impossible back then. The true causes behind anti-Chinese sentiments were racist at root.

Why is imperialism so intent on forcing China, directly or indirectly, to lose its international significance?

Some time ago, that is to say, 50 years ago, it sought to deny it the prerogatives it had heroically earned for itself as a full member of the Security Council. Later, highlighting the mistakes that led to the Tiananmen Square protests, it deified the Statue of Liberty, the emblem of an empire which today embodies the negation of all freedoms.

The People’s Republic of China passed legislation which stood out in proclaiming and enforcing respect for the rights and cultures of 55 ethnic minorities.

The People’s Republic of China is, at the same time, highly sensitive with regards to all things related to the integrity of its territory.

The campaign orchestrated against China is like a bugle call aimed at unleashing an attack on the country’s well-earned success and against its people, who will host the next Olympic Games.

The Cuban government issued a declaration categorically expressing its support of China in connection with the campaign undertaken against it on the issue of Tibet. This was the right stance to assume. China respects the rights of its citizens to hold religious beliefs or not. In China, there are Muslim, Catholic and non-Catholic Christian and other religious groups, not to mention dozens of ethnic minorities, whose rights are guaranteed by the Chinese constitution.

In our Communist Party, one’s religion does not represent an obstacle in the way of becoming a Party member.

I respect the Dalai Lama’s right to believe, but I am not obliged to believe in the Dalai Lama.

I do have many reasons to believe in China’s victory.
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