Indigenous women and prostitution

Listen this audio interview with Cherry Smiley, 26.47 min, published on, by Meghan Murphy, April 2, 2013.


Indigenous Women Against the Sex Industry, on Facebook;

The sex workers are coming, on, by JOYCE ARTHUR, April 5, 2013: … This article will attempt to explain what sex workers want and need in a post-decrim world and what they don’t want or need, according to their own voices and writings …;  

DI CANIO IN SWINDON, THE DOG THAT DIDN’T BARK, on Socialist Unity, April 5, 2013;

Feminist views on prostitution, on en.wikipedia;

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Girls [INFOGRAPHIC], on Education for All /for women’s day, by GPE Secrétariat, March 7, 2013;

The website Global Partnership for Eduction: /Homepage, /our work, /Countries, /Blog, blog in french /français, Address and Contact.

Read: Education First, an initiative of the United Nations Secfretary-General, on Global Education, 36 pdf-pages, by BAN Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General, New York, September 2012.

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