Resuming this morning

When trying to imagine what reality is, I got the picture of a garden (the known) and outside this garden the unknown. Between both someone created a thick, high wall, impenetrable, waterproof, really protecting the inside from the unknown. No doors.

Now we have two kinds of humans living in this garden:
- the ones wanting create windows into this wall, to look what is outside, others wanting create a door, to move to this unknown, and even those frightening fellows wanting displace the wall in direction of the unknown, thus contaminating the inside known by not controlled elements.
- the second kind of humans is quickly found: all those crying no, let it like that, make your experiences in another corner of our garden, not here where we are. Let us quiet, in peace, do not move. 

The first group is a small one. And most of them are taking all risks for themselves. Often they bring back some kind of proofs, quickly named ‘only indices’, laughed by their adversaries (UFO stories and esoteric stuff).

The second group takes no risks. They want peace, prosperity, a safe life within the known, which is big enough for almost all their needs. To KNOW about the only existence of the unknown can be scaring, impressing enough.

During the existence of our humanity this challenging unknown was sometimes named GOD. This allowed a separate file in our management, letting the usual life untouched. The wall in the garden remained waterproof.

Even when catastrophes and scaring events make us pray, trying to hope any help coming out of the unknown, most of us forget it once we recuperated more calm. Only few try permitted researches about the unknown, means: they use only already known elements for this work (Scientifics and their admirers).

But the difference between the known and the unknown does not permit to use the references of the first to explain the second. Thus, debates between our both groups will remain endless, including battles to get money for serious researches.

A genius wants always pull down the wall around our garden, definitively. A genius cannot exist in a mentally closed space, genius children decrease; fade when their mothers and families are only of the second group. Then they even no more learn correctly in school.

A humanity which is not able to manage correctly the life between genius oriented persons/children and the normal, not interested, scaring, all forbidding humankind cannot really develop. As, even we do not want it be real, the unknown is part of our real life.

Because our humanity’s existence is not finished behind the wall.

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