China versus Occident/France = the WE versus the I

There are two fundamental different ways to look at what we are:

a) WE = I WITH the rest of their world (China, or province), I call this the chinese way;


b) I = me and MAYBE the rest of our world, if I agree. Our occidental way.

Now our actual running chinese – occident/french human rights mess: yesterday evening I listened a TV debate on a french channel about the actual anger between China and France concerning Human Rights/Tibet, the Olympic Fire-run and the behaviors of the different actors: three occidental intellectuals, a 100 percent chinese thinking journalist and the debate leader.

Result after one hour: the difference in thinking reality could not be bigger, very politely the understanding of each-other was obviously zero.

The smart young and smiling chinese journalist claimed: We are always holding the human rights AS we observe the existing law as best as we can, at any moment !!

No one of our famous intellectuals got it, none had noticed this sentence …

… but at this moment I had an enlightenment: for a chinese thinking person, human rights ARE the state laws, which are the collective understanding of the right and the wrong. There exists no other law for a chinese person than the collective law: the Human Rights ARE the existing law.

The I and the WE: there is an abisal gap between their chinese respective our occidental understanding.

a) a Chinese, knowing himself or herself as an individual, try to do its best to CONNECT / JOIN WITH this entity called “we”. The goal, the achievement of their life is to be in HARMONY with this “WE”, putting the selfish “I” on second place. Their “RIGHTS” consist in the fact to be accepted to join this “WE” (could be an explanation, why a communist doctrin is finally accepted).

b) an occidental individual can only know himself/herself definitively as a separate “I”, a separation we insist to hold, to stand it, to secure at any moment. We understand, we must arrange a DEAL with this “WE”. Our Human Rights are the weapon /the help /the tool for each individual giving a real chance of equality when facing this enormous, threatening, mighty “WE”.

Every society, culture, human group has to solve the problem how to deal between the “Is” and the “WEs”. What is missing, for the moment, is the real understanding of what is happening.

This difference – seems to me – was not made conscious. Not the chinese and not the occidental way of understanding was spoken out … not on our popular level, not for us all to get what is happening.

As long as we speak in our different bubbles of understanding, ignoring what the other side means, we continue this mess of mutual hurts.

As we are not able to give a name to what we, the different human groups, are living inside of our cultural bubbles.

We have to show our real differences, accept them and become able to deal with.

Could be the TIBETAN question finds then also a solution.

P.S.: added a day later: this could be also a way to go on in the mess between Muslims and the rest of the world. More: any human group claiming having the ONLY ONE truth, like all sects, but also circles with psycho-doctrines, political solutions … any human group wanting a better world than exists now, and having THE solution … could obtain an re-integration /recognition into this humanity (as long as they want it).

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