Society missing its moral compass

Published on The Press Association, April 20, 2008.

Selfishness, greed and family breakdown are among the modern-day “social evils”, according to a new report published.

Society has lost its “moral compass”, with government, the media, big business and religion sharing the responsibility, the consultation by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found.

In 1904 the founder of the social policy charity identified poverty, war, slavery, intemperance, the opium trade, impurity and gambling as the “great scourges of humanity”.

Today’s top 10 evils, identified after a consultation with more than 3,500 people, were mostly linked to the breakdown of community and family, and in some cases a matter of dispute.

They were: the decline of community, individualism, consumerism and greed, a decline of values, the decline of the family, young people as both victims and perpetrators, drugs and alcohol, poverty and inequality, immigration and responses to it, and crime and violence.

The report concluded that people felt “a strong sense of unease” about some of the changes shaping British society … (full text).

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