New Media: How to Do More With Less

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Published on IWMF, by Lindsey Wray, not dated.

Badly-run news organizations will fail. So says Merrill Brown, founder and principal of MMB Media LLC.

And, he says, stopping this demise is up to journalists. Journalists can help save media outlets by keeping an eye out for ways of using new technology to help their organizations navigate through the bumpy road they’re facing, he says. Brown is an Internet pioneer. He has served as senior vice president and editor-in-chief of and was previously a media and communications consultant whose work included strategic development work at Time Inc., NBC and other media ventures. Brown now consults with clients on management and strategy, corporate, editorial and program development, business analysis and marketing services …

… Tips for Surviving and Thriving With New Media:

  • 1) Multi-task – Think across platforms; for instance, learn to take video while conducting an interview for a print article.
  • 2) Think about products – Develop ideas for ways your newsroom can use new media. For example, could you add a blog to your Web site?
  • 3) Don’t be afraid to mix sales and editorial – Editors and producers shouldn’t shy away from thinking about revenue opportunities, even if a new idea for a product involves other departments.
  • 4) Embrace new technology – Boggled by blogs? Create one, and try it out. The important thing is to begin the process of experimentation and self-education so that these new technological tools become familiar and are less intimidating to incorporate into news gathering.
  • 5) Market yourself – Let other people know what kinds of technology you’re experimenting with. Chances are they may want to join you and/or have other ideas for how the technology can serve your audience.

… (full text on IWMF).

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