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Received by mail:

From: WWSF (mail)
Date: 15/04/2008

World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse – 19 November 2008

Dear Friends and Partners,

WWSF is happy to share with you that 786 organizations from 128 countries joined the international coalition marking the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse last year, organizing activities and events on 19 November or supporting the Day in general.

Launched in 2000, the World Day has as its main purpose to create a global culture of prevention of child abuse worldwide. Every year, more and more Governmental and Non Governmental organizations join the campaign to help make prevention of child abuse a global priority. We sincerely hope that you will join the 2008 coalition and that you will invite your members and partners to do the same.

2008 Registration Form:

Please return the attached form duly filled in (two pages) by 1 May 2008 (registration form also available on our Website http://www.woman.ch/children/1-register.php . Your organization’s name will then be printed on the global poster 2008 and published on the Internet. You will receive the 2008 campaign materials in due course to help you prepare your campaigns.

Please note that your organization can register as either an active or supporting member:
- Active members commit to organize activities/events on 19 November and to send a brief report to WWSF. They are eligible for selection of the annual WWSF Prize for prevention of child abuse. The Prize is annually given to four organizations (US$ 5000 p. year).
- Supporting members do not organize any event on 19 November. They are therefore not eligible for the WWSF Prize.

The WWSF Prize Jury is now selecting the four laureate organizations that will receive the Prize for Prevention of Child Abuse on 19 November 2008. Previous laureate organizations’ activities are available at http://www.woman.ch/children/2-laureates.php.

WWSF is also in the process of writing its annual Global Impact Report, presenting coalition members and their programs organized on the World Day last year, which will be published on Internet and widely disseminated. Previous reports are available on http://www.woman.ch/children/1-coalitionimpact.php.

NEW!: WWSF will make available DVD copies of its Television Spot on prevention (18 seconds) in English and French for your use before and on the World Day. A Spanish and German version are being prepared. For your order, please send an e-mail to wdpca@wwsf.ch (US$ 20 per copy).

We hope to count you among the 2008 coalition members and celebrate with you the power of partnership in creating a global culture for prioritizing prevention.

Sincerely, Laure Maitrejean, Children’s Section Co-ordinator.

Address: WWSF Women’s World Summit Foundation, Secretariat : 11 Avenue de la Paix, CH-1202 Geneva, P.O.Box 143, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland, Tel: +41 (0) 22 738.66.19 / Fax +41 (0) 22 738.82.48, E-mail, and the Web.

WWSF, an international, non-profit, non-confessional empowerment NGO (UN consultative status ECOSOC, UNFPA and DPI), serves to help implement women’s and children’s rights and the UN Millennium Development Goals MDGs.

Children’s Section: World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse – 19 November; Prize for prevention of child abuse; and the International Clearinghouse for prevention of child abuse and violence against children.

Women’s Section: PRIZE for women’s creativity in rural life; World Rural Women’s Day – 15 October; World Day for Circles of Compassion – 2 November and circle training sessions; Mali Sheep Project.

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