Women’s Rights, savety and self determination

An event has been happening for many years on 14th February. this year it is producing a worldwide reaction: the One Billion Women Rising – Published on 1 Billion Rising.org, February 2013 (Website; start/join; Blog; Contact.):

  • Video: One Billion Rising, 3.00 min, uploaded by vdayorg, Sept. 20, 2012: … to End Violence against Women in a global event day;
  • An event has been happening for many years on 14th February. This year it is producing a worldwide reaction: the One Billion Women Rising LIVE Event. Watch the videos of this years LIVE Risings in many countries: videos made during this day by women groups dansing and thus becoming themselves aware of their inner strengt and consciousness;

WHAT I DREAM: After a big debate with my family members about what I dream: Women GOING BEYOND their only female energy to express the full range of all existing energies:  

Imagine, instead of only dansing, women were allowed to express strong ideas in words, sentences, in spoken chants all stuff they want tell us, like underprivileged groups and Blacks able to create Rapp, a way to tell the entire world their concerns:

Imagine women are able to express the same strong energy as you can observe in the following videos:

  • Dances of Life (Maori excerpt), 2.08 min, uploaded by smpwxc, 19 Aug 2007: This is an excerpt from a 55 min documentary we have shot for PBS. For nearly 50,000 years, dances and songs have been an expression of Pacific Islanders’ origins, their journeys, their struggles – their very existence. These are their dance stories. The program journeys to five cultures: Maori (New Zealand), Samoan, Palauan, Chamorro (Guam), Kanak (New Caledonia);
  • Maori Dances of Life on YouTube search;

See Maoris using Hakas to impress their enemies:

  • New Zealand Maori Kapa haka dance, 1.30 min, uploaded by Charles Sagigi, Oct 10, 2011: The Māori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. They arrived there from eastern Polynesia in several waves at some time before 1300 CE. Over several centuries in isolation, the Māori developed a unique culture with their own language, a rich mythology, distinctive crafts and performing arts …;
  • New Zealand Maori vs Tonga Haka, uploaded by spas0r, June 11, 2008: on Pacific Nations Cup 2008 New Zealand Maori V Tonga Haka;

I believe, if women allowed themselves to express their concerns in this strong way, with such an energy, we could free ourselves from our own limites.

I believe, it’s the obsessional holding on male resp female energy identities which contributes (in our head) to the existing mess between men’s violence identity vs female’s victime identity.

Thus, let us learn to love Hakas’ energy:

See also this joyfull Haka, specially created for French’s National Day, the 14th July:

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