The Failure Of A Civilization

Published on, by Maryam Sakeenah, April 10, 2008.

“If you seriously think”, said a 12-year old in a class on Darwin’s idea of evolution, “that you’re nothing more than an overgrown (evolved) monkey, you start behaving like one as well.”

It makes more sense than the child knew it did. For, in this simple statement lies the link between accepting the biological theory and incorporating the amorality inherent in it into the social structure_ just what the West has done by unquestioningly accepting the theory of evolution as the authentic explanation of ‘how it all began’. School textbooks present it as the Gospel-Truth, and children are fed on it. However, when one looks at the many scientific grounds on which the theory has been rejected and criticized as flawed, and the many questions it leaves unanswered, one wonders why a theory that leaves so much to be desired has gained so much ground. On yet another level, the theory has innumerable psychological, spiritual and emotional implications at which the human sensibility revolts. The child who spontaneously reacted against the idea was only being his purely human self …

… Entrapped in their comfort-infested lifestyles, their empty lives full of empty fullness measured out in empty cola cans, smoked cigarette ends and coffee-spoons, the starry-eyed nation is unable to shatter the mirror at which they stand admiring themselves in order to face the reality around.

Consumerism and the lulling pleasures of hedonism, excessive comforts of an insulated life and an exaggerated focus on personal well-being prolongs the Beauty-sleep, and so these harmless multitudes let happen the worst crimes sponsored by their own chosen leaders, fed by the artfully phrased justifications of ‘national interest’, and for making America ’stronger, better, safer.’

Thus the American system, with its claim of upholding all ‘civilized’ values, its people being ‘free’ and ‘liberated’, is unable to stay the hands of brute-force its own leaders sponsor around the world. This impoverished society, despite the highest standards of democracy, freedom, liberalism and education, is unable to flush out hegemonic, fascist elements at the helm of policy-making. This is the failure of a civilization.

Western civilization spirals towards the prehistoric jungle where beasts, for eking out more space for ensured survival, and for making their kind ’stronger, safer, better,’ tore up each other; when primitive apes fought bloody duels for tribal hegemony, food or space. The instincts firing the sophisticated ‘civilized’ warfare of today and the primitive tribal duels of millions of years ago are the same. It is a descent into Animalism. When a civilization, preoccupied with sustaining the culture of Narcissism is unable to see its descent let alone stop it, it is a failed civilization. When all you have of ‘civilization’ is trapped within brand labels and sophisticated technology, in highbrow rhetoric justifying unjustifiable warfare, yours is a failed civilization. (full text).

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