Proposed manifesto for Indian parents

Published on Intrepid Report, by Pubali Ray Chaudhuri, January 30, 2013.

Challenge to Indian Parents: Do we dare take this vow, or a vow that contains similar tenets? If not, please let us accept that we are misogynists and wish proudly to remain so.  

  • 1. I will raise my sons to be feminists, to respect women as equal human beings in every way, shape and form. I will raise my daughters to believe that they are precious, cherished blessings, and I am as lucky to have them as I would be to have a son. I will reinforce equality in thought, word and deed.
  • 2. I will treat my son and my daughter equally in every way, and I will recognize as social the limitations placed upon women, and not directly or indirectly tell my daughter that they are her fault because she is female.
  • 3. I will refuse to pay or receive dowry.
  • 4. I will provide my daughter EXACTLY the same educational opportunities as I do my son. I will ensure that my daughter becomes financially independent, a woman able to take care of herself. //

… // …

  • 8. I will make no distinction between my son and my daughter when it comes to the inheritance of my property.
  • 9. I will treat my son’s children and my daughter’s children with equal respect and affection.
  • 10. At my funeral, my daughter and my son will have exactly the same responsibility for my obsequies.

Well? Do we dare?

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