FINDINGS 188: World Prison Population List

(fourth edition)

Linked with foreign prisoner support service.

Published on, by Roy Walmsley … Research, Development and Statistics Directorate, 6 pages, not dated, but copyright 2003.

Contact: Communication Development Unit, Room 275, Home Office, 50 Queen Anne’s Gate, London SW1H 9AT., Tel: 020 7273 2084, Fax: 020 7222 0211, e-mail.

The World Prison Population List gives details of the number of prisoners held in some 205 independent countries and dependent territories. It shows the differences in the level of imprisonment across the world and makes possible an estimate of the world prison population total (page 1) …

… The List has a number of weaknesses. It lacks information on 17 independent countries and figures do not relate to the same date. Comparability is further compromised by different practice in different countries, for example with regard to whether all pre-trial detainees and juveniles are held under the authority of the prison administration, and also whether the prison administration is responsible for psychiatrically ill offenders and offenders being detained for treatment for alcoholism. People held in custody are usually omitted from national totals if they are not under the authority of the prison administration … (full text /end page 6).

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