One of ‘Keating Five’ wants to be president?

Published on Online Journal, by Mike Mathiesen, April 1, 2008.

(The Keating Five on wikipedia).

The American people must have the shortest memories on the planet. It seems like yesterday to me that I read about the Keating Five and John McCain’s involvement in the scandal.

For those of you who do not remember, I would like to point out that John McCain accepted a bribe, sorry, campaign donation, from Charles Keating, a close friend and the CEO of Lincoln Savings and Loan, in the amount of $20,000. Then, McCain attempted to influence the Senate to drop their investigation into this man’s questionable business dealings which ended up costing the American taxpayer some $3 billion. It?s little problems like these that have put the American people some $10 trillion in debt, a debt we can never pay and which is suffocating us all, smothering the economy in even greater economic catastrophes to come.

McCain was censured for this un-American activity and probably should have gone to jail, but somehow rose above it and escaped any such fate. This loan scam was a precursor to the larger present situation we find ourselves in today which is now dubbed the ‘Subprime Crisis’ and has led to this nation’s worst recession since WW II …

… I wonder if he was referring at the time, to a kind of private joke that We The People are like so many myriads of fish swimming in the sea who are meant to be dominated, struggling in the nets of the great and total lords on the higher plane above? I think the Bush malapropisms say more about the basic Republican platform than we ever guessed.

In summary, after all the historical facts that we must learn, if we allow one of the Keating Five scandal to end up in the White House, then the Republicans are right. We are no better than fish swimming silently in the sea and we deserve the kind of government that keeps us on their long lines of lies and treachery until they gather us all up into their net of deceit, leaving the world a fury of mass extinction that rushes the silent and the apathetic into the jaws of hell.

I believe that despair is not an option. I believe there is hope for the world. I believe we are smarter than fish. I believe that the role of government is to be our protectors, not our adversaries but due to our own struggles to survive, we have forgotten our true roles. Their ‘Let them eat cake’ economics doesn’t cut it any more. (full text).

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