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This text was again manipulated on Saturday, May 29, 2008 at 16.30 Switzerland time:

Linked – for the beauty of the reflection – with Failed fascist states (to remember that we too have some problems, we do not need the Muslims for). Linked also with Olivier Roy – France, and with Wafa Sultan, Syria & USA (and all links down of her page) on our World People’s Blog.

Since yesterday evening his film, reduced to some 15 minutes, can be watched in the internet, as no movie theater was ready to show it – Geert Wilder’s video: (sorry, no more works).

April 4, 2008: OK, meanwhile the video has been retired, there are now links to interviews with Geert Wilder. But the below videos with Oliver Roy are still worth to be listened.

Some constructive videos about Islam, balancing the above gruesome video:

Wafa Sultan, Syria & USA, had sharply criticized Islam last year. Here the link to her video:,
and also an excerpt of the transcript of her debate with Dr. Ahmad Bin Muhammad, an Algerian professor of religious politics.

My comments about Geert Wilder’s video: I see a mix of right and false statements:

  • False: We may know today (if we want) that 9/11 was the product of a very small American group. These 9/11 pictures are used to create hatred and create an enemy;
  • Right: yes, SOME of the Muslems would like to conquest us, as shown in the video: by Immigrant’s birthrate, and by our submission to our own fears. But the will to conquest the entire world is not only a privilege of Muslims, many males (and some women) are dreaming about;
  • False: the leftist multiculturalism is not the source of the trouble, but the goal to be defeated by ALL rightists. Its like in the seventies in France when bombs crashed in the name of the leftists and we knew that lePen paid the bombers;
  • Right: the fear of our governments concerning reactions about this 15 minutes video. They would like to wait until it is too late … or better … think in our name for a solution (which we may not like). What they let us see: our governments run behind problems, like firemen … if there comes up any problem, they first try to calm us down (I guess, their biggest fear is people’s nervosity). Only in military questions they are able to foresee for years;
  • Right: our society is no more able to educate all citizens to a respectful behavior, to make all of our 16-24 year old male youngsters to use their energy in a constructive way. And we are not able to integrate all immigrants in a way to make them share our society as it is.

Problem: I have been told by a person knowing these countries, that in some regions of Pakistan and neighbour states the elites (I understood most of the elites) put their 5 year old boys in Madras schools to let them learn the Holy Book, and in some 10 – 15 years we will have a serious problem with them, and then our tolerance will no more help us …

… and, about the question why moderate Muslims are not able to stop their fanatics, the answer is the Ummah. Every Muslim is protected by another Muslim, even a wrong one, as long as he is only wrong to non-Muslims. The Ummah is a real family, and inside the family a faulting member is never given to the police. So, the moderate Muslim will never help us against their fanatic brothers. Ok, here we have a real problem. A problem we have to solve.

So, let us first recognise that we selves have not found a commonly accepted solution of what we want. Our people is educated to let guide the elites and wait until we are served … we let elites decide, as meanwhile we are hard working and have important affairs running …

Maybe the effect of this film will be, beside some additional social troubles, that we wake up and begin to think about what we really want, and HOW we create our society. A society with humans others than we, and how much we ask them to accept our western world, and are able to hold the line.

The question will be: will we stop giving citizenship to the Muslim community, the Ummah, as long as the Ummah not accepts our civil secular societies? Like one nice day the french communist party told no more want conquest the world, but being ready to accept the democratic process in politics. In the same way the Ummah can stop the conquest of the world and declare the acceptance of secular societies.

And can we send back to their original countries people refusing our societies, when they have already an European passport?

The question is not if we can, but if we want make laws able to handle these questions.

And by the way, why people like the British Archbishop wants introduce the sharia in the British law … I have still the feeling that some elites would like to have more fascist laws in our societies,

… yes, let’s begin with this item.

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