The U.S., Russia and the spinoff from Iran

Published on Al Jazeera, by Christopher King, March 14, 2008.

One possible reason the United States needs an anti-missile shield in Europe is that an invasion of Iran is still being planned.

The UK media have begun speculating about a return to the Cold War. It seems that the Russians are unhappy and have begun flying air force missions outside their territory again. They’re talking about installing missiles aimed at Europe. The reason? The USA wants to build an anti-missile shield to protect Europe from “rogue” state, like Iran. Poland is to take U.S. missile bases. Radar facilities are to be located in the Czech Republic.

Can we seriously believe that Europe needs a defence against Iranian missiles? If we were to need one, surely the European Union would initiate the project through NATO, whereas the USA has made agreements direct with the Polish and Czech governments without consulting the EU. Why should the USA want a missile shield in Europe? Let’s dismiss the Bush administration’s reasons before we start, although they have mentioned Iran. Moreover, the golden rule is that the USA never acts in others’ interests – only its own …

… It is a disgrace to the United Kingdom that it has not only cooperated with the USA in these attitudes and adventures, but under our present government and Parliament it has enthusiastically embraced them.

As this is what the “special relationship” with the USA has become, it is time to sever it and commit ourselves fully to our place in Europe and good relations with Russia. Yes, we will lose further autonomy, the EU is inefficient, there’s nepotism, cheating and it has never had its financial accounts approved. Nevertheless, Europe tolerates all this because it is better than the wars that have twice devastated the continent. The Russians also know what war on their territory means but the USA has never known an invader. Its people cannot conceive the death and suffering that they have inflicted on the undeserving people of Iraq, not for democracy – but for oil.

To visualize what they have done to Iraq, Americans might imagine their destroyed World Trade Centre – but a thousand times worse. (full text).

(Christopher King is a retired consultant and lecturer in management and marketing. He lives in London, UK. This article appeared in Redress Information & Analysis).

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