The Midas-Excess and Pleonexia

Published on Portland, by Paul C. Martin, Oct. 23, 2007.

The Midas-excess, the more-addiction or Pleonexia is similar to the grand delusion of self-righteousness. Our narcissist culture, the dance around the golden ego, must be fought on all fronts. The vulgar materialist dismisses everything inward, spiritual and divine as irrelevant.

(Dr. Paul C. Martin sketches an interesting property-scenario and shows societies existed without “property” or where property was lived very differently. This article is translated from the German on the World Wide Web: Der Midas-Exzess und die Pleonexie).

King Midas governed a fantastic kingdom sometime somewhere in Asia Minor. Since the gods loved him, whatever he desired was fulfilled.

Midas desired that whatever he touched would become gold. Midas was obviously dead. Every piece of bread or mutton, everything he touched, became gold. As the richest, he was at the same time the poorest person under the sun.

We like to tell this saga to show the vanity of striving “only for riches.” At the end, the rich one was the beaten one since he had nothing.

We do not ask whether Midas could really have been so dumb not to notice the consequence of his madness-desire. His imagination should have told him: “If everything you touch becomes gold, you will soon be dead because you cannot eat gold!” …

… Several secret theses have developed in the course of time:

Original guilt has nothing to do with immortality. Rather the subsistence duty of people is to feed and maintain. This duty has nothing to do with money. There are also no original assets. Those are only absurd word games.

Our planet is the life foundation for our existence and cannot be privatized. Our planet must exist cooperatively with its resources for all people. A basic error of the system lies here.

The interest denounced again and again can theoretically be gigantically inflated but ultimately only because the citizen cannot create money himself. Interest would not occur where everyone can create money.

If we change the social and cooperative things in life through our resources and allow everyone to create his own money, nothing would inflate. We could live in a tax-free or tax-exempt Paradise in harmony with nature.

States did not arise out of the tribal tradition but out of the assumption of power by violent rulers. The enslaved lemmings had to do forced labor and were set in the hamster wheel since the Middle Ages where they were excluded from the money system.

Industrialization was the result of the privileged access of a few to capital. With the growth pressure, it changed the ways of life of the whole world and still impoverishes today everyone who does not participate in the system.

The consumer addiction of people makes them materialistic. (full long text).

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