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China: From Bureaucratic Communism to Bureaucratic Capitalism, on New Politics, by Dan La Botz, November 20, 2012:  The election last week of Xi Jinping to the chairmanship of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), together with six others who with Xi constitute the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the party, represents entrenchment of what the Chinese Marxist intellectual Au Loong Yu has called “bureaucratic capitalism.”[1] The bureaucratic capitalists, many of them princelings, that is, sons of the founders of China’s Communist government, have through their control of the state and crony state-corporation relationships come to dominate the heart of the country’s capitalist economy and to form the core of the new bourgeoisie that rules the country … (full long text, charts, notes and comments);

Learning Together: Programs for Youth At-Risk and Dropout Prevention, on Jewish Virtual Library/Publications (from the book: Learning Together/Contents) … just as an exemple how a rich culture is able to develop a bunch of programs for their members needing help.

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