Amerindians Originated from 6 Founding Mothers

Published on Softpedia News, by Stefan Anitei, March 14, 2008.

Of course, it was not Gitche Manitou their creator. All the Red Skins, from those of North America to those of South America, came from Asia. A new DNA study published in the journal PLoS One shows that 6 women founded about 95% of the populations of the modern Native Americans, 20,000 years ago.

“The finding does not mean that only these six women gave rise to the migrants who crossed into North America from Asia in the initial populating of the continent. The women lived between 18,000 and 21,000 years ago, though not necessarily at exactly the same time. The work confirms previous indications of the six maternal lineages,” said co-author Ugo Perego, from the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation in Salt Lake City and the University of Pavia in Italy …

… Many questions remained unanswered:

“That finding doesn’t answer the bigger questions of where those women lived, or of how many people left Beringia to colonize the Americas. The estimate for when the women lived is open to question because it’s not clear whether the researchers properly accounted for differing mutation rates in mitochondrial DNA. Further work could change the estimate, possibly dramatically,” said Connie Mulligan of the University of Florida, an anthropologist investigating the colonization of the Americas … (full text).


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