no water for peoples need

not enough water for everyone

Linked with yesterday’s Indian FAX ACTION about Coca-Cola.

Water shortages are told being a threat, and – as we are living under the reign of social darwinism – naturally first a threat for world’s poors.

Now look to Abu Dhabi or Dubai: The Emirates are building huge cities with all water comfort you may imagine.

And how they get all this water? Easy, they are building factories one near the other to desalinize seawater. Today, after only some years of planting and watering all green stuff in parks and anywhere they find some ground for, they are changing the climate in this part of their desert: now it is already regularly raining during winter.

Objection: The United Arab Emirates have all this oil money they no more know what to do with.

Ah, but what if the dominating elements of this humanity would use their money for desalinizing plants rather than for the preparation of our future ‘water war’ they tell us?

Or in the other way: what if this humanity would move to ORDER these plants from those having this big money? Rather than let Coca-Cola Units waste all water of a region to give us stuff to ‘drink’?

The real question is therefore: do you want water for all, or only Coca-Cola for the middle class?

If this is not done, we will live bigger genocides we have ever seen … by not wanting to look what exactly is happening.

Remember, there are stories that this planet should have only two billion humans, not seven or more.

Understand it in another way: two billions of slaves are easy to be domesticated, with seven or more billion ‘they’ no more make it.

What is our action?

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