What If Women Ruled The World?

A thought to be meditated

Received by mail:

From: John
To: e-mail: Worldcitizen Yahoogroup, (go to sign in my yahoo groups)
Date: 11/03/2008

I think that no-one should rule the world. I think that any human person who dominates others does not know who they are – who we are. Call me an idealist or even an anarchist if you like but my view is that we do not need governance, once we grown up and find our true identity. So what is our identity? It’s not American, it is human.

There’s no valid reason to do harm to others and with a little thought and sacrifice, we can look after the environment much better than is done now. I admit we are not there yet, but surely that should be our goal. In the meantime most people do need laws and they have to be told by ‘authority’ what is right and wrong. When will humanity ever grow up?

Listen people, wars are and always have been orchestrated by ‘leaders’ and this fact should be very obvious now. And as for, ‘terrorists’ they are manufactured too!

The problem is that people follow the rich and powerful. People follow bullies who in fact are cowards – anyone who demands blind obedience is a coward, especially when they tell you lies! People follow the big Ego and think that they or their leader is the ‘best’! Well, it is simply not true and it has got to stop! The government should be the people and the sooner people act responsible for their own actions the better.

Look at it this way. When we were children mom and dad often knew best and told us what is right or wrong. Then we (hopefully) grew up and left home to think for ourselves. In principle it’s similar with ‘leaders’ and governments, because they have become the parent figure but the difference is, they are not looking after us – they are much more interested in themselves and for some reason they are determined to set our home, the Earth, on fire. So because of our bad ‘parents’ and the danger they put the world in, we are left with no choice but to leave them and think for ourselves. That’s my view – sack the lot!

Forget the banks and make your own money – use pebbles for money if you have too – some people are doing this already. Grow your own food if you can, and share – have compassion for those who have less than you. Oh this will cause some hardship but if people don’t start being independent of those in power, it will be nothing compared to what is to come! The American dream is over yet in a way it isn’t because start again – only this time, lets not be lemmings who blindly follow ‘leaders.’ I get the impression that most of this will fall on deaf ears … and because of that the whole world could end.


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