Index December 2012

    2012-12-01: UN: eliminating female genital mutilation;
    2012-12-02: Nigeria: The rule of law and the lynching of four students;
    2012-12-02: 5 year old girl speaks to soldiers;
    2012-12-03: Ban Killer Robots Before It’s Too Late;
    2012-12-04: Internet freedom tops Dubai summit agenda;
    2012-12-05: Death Penalty: Another Step Towards Abolition;
    2012-12-05: Rencontre musicale avec MOHAMED ABOZEKRI;
    2012-12-06: Workers Struggles: Striking bus drivers in Singapore face arrest and deportation;
    2012-12-07: Outdated Agency Regs Undermine Freedom of Information;
    2012-12-08: Majority Versus Elite Priorities;
    2012-12-09: CHILD LABOUR – worldwide;
    2012-12-09: Une meilleure nutrition des patients hospitalisés réduit le risque d’infections;
    2012-12-10: U.S. Court of Appeals Rejects CIA’s Motion to Squash Lawsuit on Bay of Pigs History;
    2012-12-11: Why Is Cuba’s Health Care System the Best Model for Poor Countries?
    2012-12-12: Raiding Consciousness;
    2012-12-13: Mentally ill and murdered by police;
    2012-12-14: Quake-hit Iranians facing harsh winter;
    2012-12-14: Excision: Teliwel face au mur de la tradition;
    2012-12-15: Jean Ziegler on YouTube;
    2012-12-16: Poverty and social exclusion rising in Greece;
    2012-12-16: Wir leben bereits in der Apokalypse;
    2012-12-17: Nations for sale: how much is that cheap labour in the window?
    2012-12-18: Analysis: The beginnings of transitional justice in Syria;
    2012-12-19: Germany’s Trial of the Century;
    2012-12-20: Bullying: A Real Solution, Anyone?
    2012-12-20: Die Grundpfeiler des modernen Rechtsstaates;
    2012-12-21: How Sweden Collaborated With CIA on Renditions and Framing of Assange;
    2012-12-21: Alexander Lauterwasser: Die Welt als Schwingung & Tanz;
    2012-12-22: An All-American Nightmare;
    2012-12-23: Egypt in Light of the Iranian Revolution: The Restoration of a Dictatorship?
    2012-12-24: Fortress in the Sky: Buried Christian Empire Casts New Light on Early Islam;
    2012-12-25: Civil forces and revolution;
    2012-12-26: Police State India and Robert Clive;
    2012-12-27: Free trade in Medicare: An alternative to austerity;
    2012-12-28: Work, Learning and Freedom;
    2012-12-29: recent updates on The National Security Archive;
    2012-12-30: US Intelligence Machine Instead Plotted with Bankers to Attack Protest Movement;
    2012-12-31: songs for contemplative times.

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