Inspirational women are making a difference

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Date: 07/03/2008

It’s a fact that you’re more likely to be poor if you’re a woman – 70 per cent of the world’s poorest people are women and girls.

Yet, investing in women and girls is the cornerstone of making poverty history – increasing both their life chances and those of their children.

To celebrate International Women’s Day (8 March), we’re sharing inspirational stories of women in the world’s poorest countries who are working against the odds to make a difference.

Watch and listen to stories of women in poor countries who are transforming people’s lives:

Because of campaigning by people like you, Liberia received debt relief in 2005 and has since been able to provide free primary education. This has given the poorest people, especially girls who were previously less likely to receive an education, the opportunity to go to school.

Now we need you to keep on campaigning by helping us spread the word about how women in developing countries are fighting back against poverty.

Tell your friends that this International Women’s Day they can demand a world where everyone has access to free healthcare and education too: Wanted 6 million health workers and teachers.

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