Some beautiful videos out of the deep

On the website of the french TV Planet Thalassa you’ll find many videos.

Click first on the blue link PLONGEE TV, and in the new opened window on any of the links in the right column. You’ll find many videos making you dream.

This morning I watched some made by Xavier Delas:

  • Le tombant (with hypocampes), 11.19 min;
  • Le tombant 2 (with hypocampes), 9.35 min;
  • Observation des Seiches (cuttlefish /Sepiida), 7.19 min;
  • Observation des poulpes (octopus vulgaris), 17.11 min;
  • Port de la vigne, 5.22 min;
  • Fond de vase et sable, 6.43 min.

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