ODM-K’s best bet is Raila

Linked with Jerry Okungu – Kenya.

Published on JALUO dot kom, by Jerry Okungu, July 24, 2007.

… Hayo confessed to us that he was a very happy man. He was happy because he had come to terms with the reality of his condition! We got a little concerned and uneasy! What condition was he talking about? Did he have the big one? Two ladies sitting next to us were even more agitated. We held our breath. The usual Jim wasn’t bothered by our changed mood. He was laughing his head off. Then he looked at us. He didn’t understand why we wore gloomy faces.

Undeterred, he continued with his story. He told us that, he had only one wish to ask God the day he would die. He would tell God that should he be given a second chance to come back to life after death, and by mistake, God wanted him to come back as a Kikuyu, Luhya, Mkamba, Kalenjin, Indian or Muzungu, he would look God in the eye and say: “ Sir, thank you for the offer, but I cannot accept your generosity. I would rather remain here dead than go back to earth in any form except as a Luo!”

Why was Hayo so happy that night to tell us he was proud to be a Luo? In his analysis, being a Luo allowed him to enjoy his freedom of thought and expression as an individual. He was a free spirit. He liked living his life to the full without worrying about primitive accumulation of wealth which he would die leaving behind anyway. Being a Luo had made him love his parents, siblings, wife and children unconditionally …

… What right do these Raila haters have to decide for Kenyans who to elect president of Kenya or not? Aren’t these types of labelling and stereotyping the cause of the Darfur conflicts? Didn’t Rwanda bleed because of these ethnic biases? What of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq? Can we afford to have short memories of yesterday’s tragedies?

Those who are vilifying Raila for being a Luo have really failed Kenyans and the second liberation. They have no moral authority to question President Mwai Kibaki’s or Daniel arap Moi’s leadership. They have truly come out in their true colours for what they are; wolves in sheep’s clothes. They are leaders who left their villages but the village in them remained intact in their souls.

At another level, it is about time Orange Democratic Movement Kenya aspirants faced the reality that the coming Election is theirs to lose if they don’t stop playing cheap politics now. The reality is that none of the aspirants has ever mounted a presidential campaign except Raila and Uhuru. Uhuru by all accounts is already out of the race. He had no choice but to back out for obvious reasons … (full long text).

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