Burundi: Solution for outcast children

Published on Terre des hommes Tdh, not dated.

More than 600′000 children in Burundi are orphans, their parents killed during the civil war, or victims of Aids. Terre des hommes (Tdh) is committed to improving the situation of these orphans as well as other marginalized children, whether in a street situation or minors in conflict with the law.

Orphans – In rural regions, Terre des hommes furthers groups of women who look after orphans and offer them both psychological and material support. These children get food, medicines and school books. Host families are formed to take care of very young and single children. These groups of women encourage the children’s integration in the community and help the older ones to get job training.

Children in a street situation – In the capital, Bujumbura, Terre des hommes works towards reintegration in their own families. The youngsters who cannot go back to their homes are helped towards a self-reliant life by learning a trade. All decisions are taken together with the child concerned. Tdh works within a network so as to coordinate activities and to profit from synergy.

Minors in conflict with the law – Here Terre des hommes fights to guarantee the rights of children in conflict with the law. Lawyers and social workers from Tdh ensure a follow-up on their cases. At the same time, Tdh holds training courses on international standards and applications for people concerned with juvenile law (police, lawyers, judges, prison warders, social workers), and on alternatives to imprisonment.

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