USA: Brutal Police Tactics

  • Video: America the New Enemy, 3.58 min, published on, by Paul Craig Roberts, Nov. 8, 2012: Over the last few years, it seems that police across America are forgetting their main role in society, to serve and protect. With the implementation devices like the taser, it seems that law enforcement abusing its power has been on the rise. RT’s Ramon Galindo brings us his report;
  • Video: Inside Story Americas – US policing: Institutionalising brutality? 35.35 min, uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish, July 26, 2012: Extreme police tactics are not a new phenomenon in the United States. But in the age of social media, police violence, such as the shooting of unarmed people, the use of pepper spray and taser guns are being documented for the world to see. The Occupy protesters throughout the country felt the full force of police tactics – many were subject to violent arrest. Perhaps the most controversial example was at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) where peaceful protesters were pepper sprayed last November.

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